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6 janvier 2008 7 06 /01 /janvier /2008 15:05

Elections of the President and Vice President

Primary elections and Caucuses have begun ! The actual President (George W Bush ) and Vice President (Dick Cheney) cannot be reelected. The race is going to be fierce !
The first results  in the state of IOWA are :
(January 3rd, 2008)
Democrats : Obama 38%, Edwards 30%, Hilary Clinton 29%
Republicans : Huckabee 34% Romney 26% Thompson 13%

If you want to know more about these elections

How does it work ?

Primary elections and Caucuses
These first elections enable party members to vote for the candidate that will represent their party in the General election

National Conventions
After the Primary elections and Caucuses, each party holds a convention and chooses a candidate for the Vice Presidency (a running-mate).

The general election

Candidates campaign throughout the US to get support of voters. In November, they will vote for one candidate.
When people vote in the general election , they don’t vote for the Presidential candidate, they vote electors who belong to the Electoral College. These electors will vote for their State’s preferred candidate.

The Electoral College

In December, the electors vote.  The results are given in January. The President is the candidate with more than half of the votes.

  If you want to know more... (in French)

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