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8 juin 2008 7 08 /06 /juin /2008 11:38
US elections : How does it work ?

Barack Obama becomes the only democratic candidate for the next Presidential elections on January 20th,2009.

Yes, we can
(sung by Emmy Winner)
One of the reasons could be the use of technology such as the Internet..."That, I think, was probably one of the biggest surprises of the campaign, just how powerfully our message merged with the social networking and the power of the Internet.", Obama said.
You can listen or read this article from Time , entitled : "How Obama did it ?"

Watch Hillary Clinton suspending her campaign and endorsing Barack Obama (June 7th , 2008)

You can know Obama's position on the following issues, (Interviews made by the Washington Post)
Health care, social security, Iraq, national security, enrgy, immigration, Affirmative action, Economy, Budget, Education, Gay marriage, Abortion, Poverty, Gun control, Stem Cell Research, Top priorities

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