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4 janvier 2009 7 04 /01 /janvier /2009 12:57

Eric Carle

Born in New York in 1929 , he was educated in Germany from the age of six. He went back to the USA in 1952 where he became a graphic designer. He published Brown bear, brown bear in collaboration with Bill Martin in 1967.

He has illustrated more than 70 books. His last one "Baby bear, baby bear what do you see ?"  was published in 2007.

“With many of my books I attempt to bridge the gap between the home and school", he said.


Site officiel d'Eric Carle :

Quelques pistes…d’exploitation d’albums d'Eric Carle

Does a kangaroo have a mother too? (Eric Carle)




The mixed-up chameleon (Eric Carle)





Projet élèves ( Elementary School in Roanoke VA)

From head to toe (Eric Carle)


Bande sonore, flashcards, propositions d'exploitation :



The very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle)



une autre version

Projet réalisé par des élèves

Brown Bear (Bill Martin and Eric Carle)


Story read by Eric Carle

Brown bear song

Bill Martin's version

Polar Bear (Eric Carle)


Today’s Monday (Eric Carle)



Today's Monday song


Do you want to be my friend ? (Eric Carle)



1,2,3 to the zoo (Eric Carle)


Mr Seahorse (Eric Carle)



The tiny seed (Eric Carle)



*  *  *

Valise d’Eric Carle proposée par l’académie de Clermont


Bandes sonores d'albums, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique, flashcards,...


Propositions d'exploitations d'album de l'académie de Dijon

Propositions d'exploitations pédagogiques d'albums de l'académie de Poitier

DVD The very hungry Caterpillar and other stories avec adaptations audiovisuelles de: “Papa, please, get the moon for me” ; “The very quiet cricket” ; “The mixed up chameleon” ;” I see a song”.

Tell it again : the new storytelling handbook for primary teachers
Ellis, Gail / Brewster, Jean- Penguin, 2002
Propositions de séquences pédagogiques pour :Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see ?, The kangaroo from Woolloomooloo, My cats likes to hide in boxes, Mr McGee, The very hungry caterpillar, Meg’s eggs, The clever tortoise, The elephant and the bad baby, Something else, Funnybones, Princess smartypants, Jim and the beanstalk.


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