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Next Easter Sunday will be on the 24th of April 2011
Last Easter Sunday was on the 4h of April 2010

Why not make an Easter egg hunt ?

You need
.....  5 envelopes (for 5 teams) + 5 different written clues in each
.... 25 decorated eggs (5 eggs for each team) (pupils can decorate them in class)
...... some colored papers  (marks) to stick on trees...
...... 5 buckets (1 each)
.....  a park

pré-requis : les couleurs (red, yellow, blue, pink, green,brown, white, black)

: Trouver les oeufs

lexical : quelques mots de la nature (tree, flower, rock, wood), egg
grammatical : indicateurs de lieu (next to, under, behind, in front of ) , Adj+nom
formulation : There is a yellow egg behind the red tree
Compétence :comprendre des instructions simples

Délimiter et baliser le terrain auparavant
Faire 5 groupes d'élèves avec des instructions différentes.
Le groupe d'élèves qui a ramené les bons oeufs a gagné.

Read the instructions and find out the 5 eggs in10mn !
Ready, Steady, Go !

Other ideas
Recipe for Easter HERE and  THERE
Easter poems HERE
Easter nursery-rhymes HERE

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DC 21/03/2009 18:00

Yummy, yummy !