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30 août 2009 7 30 /08 /août /2009 09:45
Harvest Festival is celebrated in September or October.

It is an old Autumn tradition. People give thanks for a good harvest and for the food they eat.

In Great Britain, people sometimes make traditional dolls called "corn dollies'.
The corn dolly embobies the spirit of the crop, of the growing grain.

Some help to make a corn dolly on this site :

During the festival, children bring food to school (fruit, vegetables and bread), they make a beautiful display and sing harvest songs.

After the harvest festival, children give the food to old people or take it to the hospital.


During the harvest festival, you can make corn dollies with colourful ribbons.

WHITE is for purity

BROWN is for the earth

GREEN is for the germinating corn

GOLD is the ripened wheat

ORANGE is for the glowing sun

RED is for warmth

BLUE is the colour of truth

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