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22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 13:34

A gap year (taking a year out/ a year off/ ...)  between school or college and higher education or a job can be a very exciting, challenging and valuable opportunity. You can be a volonteer abroad, do some work experience to build up your skills, discover new cultures...

Taking a gap year out can look good on a CV. Some employers may appreciate that you have spent some time overseas (to improve a language, your education, learn new skills, share your knowledge...)



Which gap year type are you ?

This article from the Independent tries to give an answer , poiting out four different profiles : the volunteer, the hippy, the sportsman, the careerist  : 

Several organisations help young adults to plan their gap years

YOP - Yea Out Group gather together 35 organisation offering a choice of location and activity overseas


VSO : :

Platform 2 
is for young adults between 18 and 25, who have (or are eligible to have) a UK passport and are resident in the UK and who would like to be volonteers to visit  a developping country and get involved with global issues of justice and poverty. Interested people will have a training day before their trip overseas ( 10 weeks in India, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa or Peru)

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  Gap year dangers:
- Top travel tips

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Read  these different points of view...

- Claudia's experience with platform2 (dec 2009) :

- Timesonline : How to stay safe on a gap year

- The  GuardianStudent gap year studies (2009)

- The Independent's article about platform2 (Jan 22nd 2009) :

- Tom Griffiths, founder of (The Independent, Aug 11th 2008):

- Reuters : Are gap-year do-gooders wasting their time? (Aug 2007)

- The Guardian : Gap year danger fears (2004) :

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