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31 mars 2010 3 31 /03 /mars /2010 14:52

Obesity epidemic is worldwide. Read and listen to this interesting article from BBC

Watch this extract from Super SIze me

(the opening) and be aware of this worldwide epidemic



- The USA is most obese country in the world :

- What about the UK ?

- What could we do in class to crackdown obesity ? Look at these sites to get some ideas
- Food a fact of life  (children 3-16) is a website that provides progressive approach to teaching about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming  with free resources and interactive games 

 - The FSA (Food Standard Agency) also has a site with free resources and games

eat well, be well

- What are the governments' reactions ?
In the USA , federal bans exist -California ban :

- Another solution
Jamie Oliver's food Revolution (Jamie Oliver is a famous television chef)
- And you ....
  • What do you think about fast food restaurants ?
  • What do you think about junk food ?
  • Do you agree with school bans on fatty foods to tackle down obesity?
  • What could you do to crackdown obesity ?
  • Do we have similar bans in France ? la rentrée 2005, une loi interdit les distributeurs automatiques de sodas et autres confiseries dans les écoles, collèges et lycées, le taux d'obésité chez les jeunes ayant augmenté de 17% en 20 ans.)

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