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12 mai 2010 3 12 /05 /mai /2010 15:26

That's  it !!

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister, (from 2007 to 2010) resigned yesterday evening (May 11th)

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party (Tory party) has  become the new Prime Minister after 5 long days of intense suspens ! !!

In fact, theTory party had to make an alliance with the third party " the Liberal Democrats" and their leader Nick Clegg in order to get the majority in Parliament.

David Cameron says the UK's first coalition in decades marks a "historic and seismic shift" in British politics. 

David Cameron, aged 43, is the youngest UK Prime Minister since Jenkinson (1812), he is only 6 months younger than Tony Blair (when he became PM 1997)


Queen Elizabeth II greeting David Cameron at Buckingham Palace to invite him to be the next Prime Minister of theUK


Just fo fun.... :


*   *    *

Among David Cameron's cabinet, remember...

Deputy Prime Minister : Nick Clegg (Lib Dem)

Health Secretary : Andrew Lansley (Tory)

Education Secretary : Michael Gove, a former Times journalist and Tories' housing spokesman (Tory)



« UK 'wakes up to hung Parliament” BBCnews (7th May 2010)


  David Cameron, the conservative leader is elected member of parliament, he is expected to become the next Prime Minister. But, to get the control of the British Parliament - and therefore the right to form the Government - requires that a party wins a majority of seats in the House of Commons in a General Election. To get an outright majority, the Tory party needs 326 seats whereas it only has 306.


David Cameron's biography :



Consequences Will there be a coalition ? Will Gordon Brown, the present time Prime Minister, try an anti-tory alliance with the Liberal Democrats and nationalists (especially the Celtic fringe)? The power is in the hands of minority parties.

      This is known as a hung parliament.



Political parties in the UK :

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