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 Rhymes, songs (+ lyrics) and stories



The Addams Family theme song

Albums d'Eric Carle (bandes sons, videos, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

Alice in Wonderland (story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)
The ABC song (karaoke)
The Alphabet Gospel (song)
All together now (Extract from 'the Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles) Alphabet, numbers and colours song

Anthems :

Australia : Advance Australia Fair (karaoke)
Canada : O Canada (karaoke)
GB : God Save the Queen (or King) (karaoke)
Ireland : A soldier's song (karaoke)
USA : Star Spangled Banner (karaoke)


Blueberry hill (Fats Domino - song)

Bonfire night (poem)

British National Anthem : God Save the Queen (or King)

Christmas carols (We wish you a Merry christmas, Jingle Bell, Silent night, Rocking around the

Cinderella(story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

Clothes Song (karaoke)

colours of the days (song)
counting up and down (1-10-1) (finger play song)

counting (1-12) (song)
counting rhyme (1-20) (song)
Counting (5-1) : 5 little monkeys (finger playsong)
Counting (10-1) : Ten little indians (finger play song)

Days of the week song (karaoke)
Double double toil and trouble (Shakespeare-Macbeth / Harry Potter, poem, song + lyrics)


Eric Carle's albums (bandes sons, videos, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

Easter poems


Easter song (Humpty Dumpty)

Easter song (Hot Cross buns)

Environment : the3 R's (song) 


(The) farmer in the dell  video+lyrics -karaoke

Five little monkeys (finger play song)

Goldilocks and the three bears (story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

Good morning (song)


Halloween poems
Head, shoulders, knees and toes (finger play song)
Hello! Knock, knock !
(finger play song

Hello, goodbye (The Beatles) 

He's got the whole world in his hands (song - gospel)

Hickory, Dickory Dock (song)

his hands

Hot cross buns (song)
Humpty Dumpty (song)

Incy wincy spider


I'm a little leprechaun (song)

In, on, under, over, in front, behind (song)

It's raining, it's pouring (song)

Let the sunshine in (song Hair)
Little Miss Muffet (n
Little red hen (story, song)ursery-rhyme song)

Little Red riding Hood (story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

My Fair Lady  : The rain in Spain (song)

Numbers from 1 to 10 (finger play song: counting up and down)
Numbers from 1 to 12 (song : pinball sesame street)
Numbers from 1 to 20 (song : one, two buckle my shoe)
Numbers from 10 to 1 (finger play song : Ten little indians)
Even numbers from 10 to 0 (rhyme - Ten fat sausages)
Numbers from 5 to 1 (finger play song: five little monkeys)

Old Mac Donald had a farm
1, 2, buckle my shoe (song)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12  (
1 little finger,...tap,taptap (finger play song)
1 finger, 1 thumb,1arm...keep moving (fingerplay song)Sésame Street)

Pancake day (poems or songs)

Rain, Rain go away (song)
Rainbow song  (colours of the rainbow)
I can sing the rainbow (song)
Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Rock around the clock (song)
Rocking around the Christmas Tree
3R's songs

singin' in the Rain ( Extract from 'Singin' in the Rain' - Gene Kelly)
shape song (circle song)
(The) Snowman
(story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)
Summer holiday ( karaoke -Cliff richard 1963)
Summer Nights  song)(Grease -)
Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald )
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 1983)

Ten Little Indians
(finger play song)
Ten fat sausages (rhyme)
  : Turkey Dinner (
Thanksgiving song (cycle 2)song)

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain  song)(extract from 'My Fair Lady')

This is a cat

Twas the night before Christmas (poem - story about  Father Xmas)


The U.S. flag song


We are the Champions + We will Rock You  (song) -Queen 1977)

We shall overcome someday  + lyrics (Pete Seeger -1963)
What a wonderful world ! + lyrics (L.Armstrong 1967)

What do you want to do ? I want to play baseball (song)

Winnie the witch  Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul)(story, propositions d'exploitation pédagogique)

Winnie's song

Winnie in winter(story, proposition d'exploitation pédagogique)

Winnie's Winter song  (song)


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