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30 mars 2010 2 30 /03 /mars /2010 07:57
Next Easter Sunday will be on the 24th of April 2011
Last Easter Sunday was on the 4h of April 2010

Why not make an Easter egg hunt ?

You need
.....  5 envelopes (for 5 teams) + 5 different written clues in each
.... 25 decorated eggs (5 eggs for each team) (pupils can decorate them in class)
...... some colored papers  (marks) to stick on trees...
...... 5 buckets (1 each)
.....  a park

pré-requis : les couleurs (red, yellow, blue, pink, green,brown, white, black)

: Trouver les oeufs

lexical : quelques mots de la nature (tree, flower, rock, wood), egg
grammatical : indicateurs de lieu (next to, under, behind, in front of ) , Adj+nom
formulation : There is a yellow egg behind the red tree
Compétence :comprendre des instructions simples

Délimiter et baliser le terrain auparavant
Faire 5 groupes d'élèves avec des instructions différentes.
Le groupe d'élèves qui a ramené les bons oeufs a gagné.

Read the instructions and find out the 5 eggs in10mn !
Ready, Steady, Go !

Other ideas
Recipe for Easter HERE and  THERE
Easter poems HERE
Easter nursery-rhymes HERE

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27 février 2009 5 27 /02 /février /2009 08:38

 "Good Friday" is celebrated two days before Easter. It commemorates the Cruxifixion of Jesus.

On this occasion,  English children eat HOT CROSS BUNS.

If you want to know the recipe click HERE !


You can also sing this traditional song


Music only  and lyrics :hot cross buns

Karaoke here

NB : Vous pouvez aussi écouter une autre version de Hot cross buns depuis la playlist MUSIC english pe,
qui se situe en haut à gauche du blog.

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17 mars 2008 1 17 /03 /mars /2008 07:29
Easter day will be celetrated on the 23rd of March 2008.


For Easter , you can eat chocolate  /'tʃɒklət/,
chocolate eggs, chocolate hens, chocolate rabbits, ...

How many eggs can you see ? Can you count them ?

You can make and eat  Easter chocolate eggs
You can make and eat hot cross buns, or sing hot cross buns
You can sing Humpty Dumpty
You can write nice poems on Easter cards

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12 mars 2008 3 12 /03 /mars /2008 15:15





Easter happens every Spring

Flowers bloom and  little birds sing.

Church bells ring out everywhere

The Easter feeling’s in the air.


* * *



The Easter bunny’s coming to town

Hopping along, up and down.

He’s hiding eggs along the way

For children to find on Easter day


Other ideas for Easter HERE


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